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April 26, 2009

Farm day

Last December Trygve and I were in France for work. Happily, we were able to scoot up to Bergen, Norway for a visit to family. Spent an afternoon tramping around the ice cold ground on this Fusa farm, newly bought and in process of renovation board by board and nail by nail by Torkjell, Trygve's brother. Perched above this west coast fjord, it has been home to hundreds of hearty norsk generations. And now one more.

These two shots are in the basement. You see a sturdy door, protecting those inside from the often frightful winter outside. And below, an ancient cauldron, ready to swing over the kitchen fire behind where Torkjell is standing.

Piles of nails and tin cans left to rust ~ somebody's long-ago unfinished project.

April 4, 2009


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