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June 22, 2011

Chihuli and girls

Visiting the Missouri Botanical Gardens for a Sunday afternoon diversion. Three girls playing on concrete lambs and luminous Chihuli gourds floating in the fountain below guarding angels.

April 4, 2011

The Brothers Van Gogh

Thinking about my visit last fall to Auvers sur Oise, where Vincent died. And his beloved brother and benefactor, Theo, 6 months later. We traipsed over muddy fields of wheat to find this cemetery perched at the top of a long sloping hill. The sky seemed to hover above like a cloak, appropriate to the mood of the place.

March 27, 2011

Tossed in love

Who doesn't remember running full speed, being caught and tossed into the air like this? Squeals of laughter and shouts of joy!

Lighting Workshop

Four models, four photographers, in a workshop ~ ~ in Oakland. These are some of mine. (And if you want to see the guy in the hat up close and in person, along with his remarkable crew, have a look at

January 30, 2011

Sometimes they don't mind posing.

The royal child.
Waiting for her chauffeur
Happy to be home.

Triangles in Paris and nearby

This is Arnold, from the town Auvers sur Oise, just a 40 minute train ride from Paris. This is where Vincent Van Gogh painted a hauntingly beautiful Church and several magnificent wheat fields. This is also where he lived his last days.
Arnold lives and paints in this house ~ a house also painted by Vincent. He waved to us to come in as we passed by the picture window of his studio. Forty minutes and many stories later, he posed for this snap.

Triangle by I. M. Pei outside the ... well, you probably know where.

One of my favorite subjects - men playing Boule.
This time in the Jardin du Luxembourg.
Love locks! On the Pont des Arts.
Can you see the lovers' initials signifying undying love?