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November 16, 2014

One day this summer

Stepping into
opaque pools of water

a soft hand beckoned
come and enjoy
the flow

gentle waters splashed
around my ankles

I was stirred by their
energies captivated
by the movement

as we began to swim
strong arms encircled me

I was held breathless

carried into seventh
heaven never having been
there before

as pools of water
engulfed me I was taught
to swim.
          ~ Heather Burns

October 29, 2014

Art in Cornwall

 September - a trip to this lovely ancient town - St. Ives, in Cornwall, England. I happened upon this artist in his studio - John Emanuel. "Come in!" he shouted. And I did. I asked if I could come back later to take some photos in his whirlwind of a studio - art and colors and imagination everywhere.
He works in an enviable artists' building (see the view?) that was renovated renovated, thanks to a bevy of angels and a fund-raising group.