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September 13, 2009

Big Surf

We are in Newport Beach right smack in the middle of a Big Surf day. Here at the Wedge a thousand people have gathered to gape at the awesome surfers. If I could, I would include audio of the waves crashing and the crowd gasping.

Svein builds up a mound of sand to get above the masses and snap this perfectly-timed shot.

The lifeguards have to give up trying to get on-lookers to stay back on top of the cliff and away from the water's edge.

How huge are these waves?! Reports were 20 -25 feet.

Further up the beach, the Balboa Pier is pounded.

Girls ....standing on the edge of the world.

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Chandi said...

Wow, these shots are amazing! We had a similar big surf day here last month on the highest tide of the month. The normally wide beach disapeared and the waves even rolled in past our beach gate. It is truly awe-some to see the power of the sea but I'll stick to watching it from shore, thank you very much!